Vaping 101: What You Need to Know

Vaping the act of inhaling a vaporized liquid from a digital tool is the current fad in tobacco usage, and it s alarmingly common amongst today s teens.

Despite myths that vapes only contain harmless water vapor, that is not the case. There are numerous different vape products, which might include a series of ingredients including nicotine, chemical additives, flavors and also THC, the active component in marijuana.

These devices go by many names consisting of e-cigarettes, electric cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, mods, containers, cigalikes, JUUL, e-hookah and also hookah pens.


Vaping frequency is rising quickly among teens and young adults in Colorado and also across the country.1 2

This is true even with the reality that it is prohibited to get vape items till age 18.


The rate of smoking among U.S. high school students has dropped 30 percent since 2013 yet 45 percent of high school students say they have actually explore vaping and a quarter are existing individuals.3.

While cigarette smoking prices stayed mostly unmodified in Colorado between 2012 and also 2015, the portion of Colorado grownups that had ever vaped more than tripled, rising from 6.9 to 22.8 percent.2.

The vaping price is rising quickly among teens and also young adults in Colorado and also throughout the nation. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb officially declared youth vaping an epidemic.

Health and wellness threats

Some might claim vaping is healthier than typical cigarette usage, that doesn t suggest that vaping is secure, particularly for young individuals. Researches have actually shown that the aerosol vapor from vape items can have dangerous contaminants, consisting of hefty metals as well as chemicals recognized to trigger cancer cells and also other illness.1.

There are also no standard laws for vape suppliers. Despite having more than 450 different sorts of vape items offered, no universal standards for item style, components as well as security functions exist.4 Even more unpleasant, many vape products are owned by huge cigarette business, which have a history of prioritizing sales over security.5.

Results on teens.

Specifically concerning, vaping causes better dangers for teens. Pure nicotine, the addictive active ingredient in cigarettes, is also in the majority of vape products as well as one hundred percent of JUULs. The chemical has an unfavorable impact on teenage brain advancement, creating long lasting cognitive and also behavioral impairments, including results on working memory and also attention.6.

In addition, vaping is a predictor of future cigarette smoking. A research of 12th quality trainees who had never ever smoked a cigarette found that those that had actually reported recent vaping were greater than 4 times (4.78) more likely to report past-year smoking cigarettes one year later on.